Awnings and Canopies
Product info.

With the unreliability of our climate here in the UK, an awning increases the potential time available for you to unwind and enjoy the fresh air. Our awnings keep you cool on the hottest days, but also enable you to enjoy using your patio when the weather is less than perfect, so that it becomes a proper extension to your home. Awnings also help protect carpets and soft furnishings from fading, without having to draw the curtains and lose the outdoor view.


We provide 4 basic solutions:
Folding arm awnings -Fabric cover unwinds from a roller barrel via a pair of sprung folding arms.

Dutch awnings -Fabric is attached to a frame of pivoting hoops that hinge open and closed.

Framed veranda awnings -Awning cover unrolls and is drawn along a permanent fixed frame.

Fixed canopies -Also know as approach awnings, fabric in attached to a shaped framework.