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Blind Automation


Our clients requirements have long since exceeded simply supplying a motorised blind with a hardwired wall switch. The smart homes and offices we now supply insist on blinds becoming part of the network of the building, integrating with intelligent control systems, such as KNX, Rako, Control4, Lutron or Crestron.


Human input in the day to day control of blinds is now minimised and in some installations done away with altogether. Intelligent buildings linked to thermostats and lux sensors will trigger blinds with changes in sunlight, to maintain a comfortable environment throughout the day, significantly reducing lighting, heating and air conditioning costs.


Intelligent control can also provide away from home status of security systems, enabling options such as remote viewing of CCTV, setting of alarms and operation of blinds or security shutters via a mobile phone app, even from the other side of the world.

Whatever your requirements for automation we are happy to help, from simple one blind setups to whole house or office control. We have experience with all the major lighting and automation systems and work closely with system approved installers.

Motorised Blind Control Systems

Both residentially and commercially modern properties are likely to incorporate an infrastructure of products to control a variety of equipment. Blinds, curtains and shading in general are readily left to last to be specified and as such the means of control may then depend upon the building infrastructure.
In general curtains and blinds will be manufactured in one of two ways, there are variants but these are the most common.
   - Mains voltage - dual winding motor.
   - SELV d.c. - single winding reverse polarity motor.

The list below is aimed at providing the customer with an overview of the products that are available and if a particular system has already been specified to give details of the pros and cons and operational capabilities.

We have identified a set of products for each manufacturer that could be used to control a single blind or (scaled) multiple blinds. Each section has two scenarios, one with a single blind control and one with multiple blind control. We have also identified the means by which smartphone apps can operate.

Where an existing control mechanism is in place it may be possible to add the components to a particular system, thus making more cost effective use of smartphone apps.


CBUS -Clipsal Schneider

The CBUS network from Clipsal Schneider is an open protocol bus system used mainly for lighting in residential and commercial properties. 

Rako System

The RAKO system is an open protocol system used mainly for lighting in residential and commercial properties. 

Control master relays

CM1 and CM3 intelligent relays that provide for simple AV control setup.

Control Master

Motorised Blind Components

Somfy Components

The market leader for blind control, stylish range of handsets and wall switches offered and a large range of compatible support devices to enable automatic sun, wind, and rain control.

Casstyle Components

Our own range of radio control systems largely designed in house, offering a simple, reliable and cost effective solution to remote control of blinds, shuttters and awnings.

SMI Motor Systems

SMI is a standardised system for electrical connections between solar-shading products and their drives. It allows complete compatibility between motors and actuators from different blind manufacturers,

Control Accessories

Range of components and support devices to interface, power and control blinds, including our CM1 and CM3 intelligent relays that provide for simple AV control setup.

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