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SMI Blind Systems

The Standard Motor Interface is abbreviated to SMI, and is a consistent interface for electric drive motors. SMI was developed to enable the connection of motors with integrated electronic circuits for use in sun protection blind and shutter systems and provides realtime data to be exchanged between the motor and controller and vice versa.

SMI means that motor drives and controllers from different manufacturers are compatible with one another. It is now possible for the manufacturers of blinds, controller manufactucturers and designers to effortlessly combine products from many different makers.


Benefits of drives and controllers with SMI-interface are wide ranging, they include the parallel connection of motors, the accuracy of the positioning, the availability of feedback and diagnostics from the motor and the possibility of flexible parameterisation.

Current demands for energy efficiency and sustainability call for new solutions that employ recognised components. The SMI-interface for sun protection motors has an important role to play here. SMI is the consistent interface between the automation and sun protection systems.

Advantages of SMI

Problem free operation. The SMI specification regulates the exchange of information between a controller and blind motor. The delivery of commands to the motor and the returning feedback is clearly laid down, therefore the standard ensures that devices from all manufacturers are compatible with each other.

Exact positioning. More precise operation and constant position of blinds are the outstanding features of SMI motors. The desired position is transmitted in the form of a digitally encoded number, and the motor moves the blind precisely to that position by means of an internal regulator. This exact positioning is necessary for blind systems that are required to move with the sun's position, or when a number of blinds are to be accurately aligned over an entire facade.


Diagnostic feedback from motors can detect faults and report them instantly to a remote control centre, enabling a faster response to repair work, this is an important feature for installations where light control is a crucial requirement for their day to day operation such as laser medical facilities.

Saving cost and installation time. SMI allows up to 16 motors to be connected electronically in parallel as it is capable of addressing each motor seperately. This means that new installation concepts can be implemented with significantly reduced costs and shortened installation times.


Recommended products


SMI Controller from WAGO

SMI Tubular drive from Vestamatic

The new SMI Master and M-Bus Master from WAGO enables direct connection from SMI drives and power consumption meters.


A compact design paired with advanced technology. The new 750-1630 SMI Master Module for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 enables direct connection of electric motors, without requiring a level inverter.


In addition to reduced wiring expenses, using the new SMI Master also minimizes other costs: for example, because the module has an integrated power supply, thus an external one is no longer necessary. In addition, a digital output enables temporary switching off of the drives when they are not needed.


The 750-1630 SMI Master is designed for 230 VAC SMI motors; the 753-1631 version can be used with low voltage shade drives (24 V). Up to 16 drives can be connected per module. In addition, the SMI Master offers numerous helpful functions: The “auto-replace” function, for example, allows building operators to replace a defective motor without requiring changes to the configuration or controller program code. In offline mode, module settings, configurations and addressing can be adjusted without connecting to the controller. And in “Easy” mode, curtain control is possible without cumbersome PLC programming.


WAGO is also offering a new SMI Configurator for much easier planning and starting up SMI networks: the software can be used to quickly address SMI drives and to accelerate importing and exporting all configured drives.

32mm SMI LoVo 24VDC



Two motor speeds, slow speed for slate adjustment, fast speed to open and close Roller blind, obstacle recognition, specific slate turning function, supply voltage monitoring.


Torque 45 – 60 Ncm

Dimensions for tubes min.Ф32 mm

Drive Speed adjustable 5 – 30 min-1

Slow Motion 

Power Supply Voltage 24VDC

Vestaline VL-SMI-230-35/6-Q6-10Nm


  • For controlling sunshade systems, awnings, screens or roller blinds.

  • Electronic limit position setting

  • Parallel connection allowed

  • Simple setting of the limit position with the “VL-ProgsetME/SMI-230”



Torque 6/Q6/10 Nm

Dimensions for tubes min.Ф35 mm

Drive speed 6/Q6Nm: 28 min−1   10Nm: 17 min−1

Power supply voltage 230 VAC/ 50Hz


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