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Blackout Cassettes Blinds
Product info.

Our cassette blackout systems are designed to accommodate many different applications, primarily used for room darkening or full blackout on windows, doors and skylights. 


Standard systems are available in three sizes; contract (43 x 55 mm), midi (55 x 71 mm) and major (93 x 108 mm) capable of up to a maximum size of 4000 wide by 6000 drop. Each system incorporates a fabric roller fitted into an aluminium cassette box. The cassette box forms a frame with two side channels and the fabric roller simply raises and lowers to the desired position within the side channels. High levels of blackout are achieved with integrated brush seals on the side channels and head box, and to ensure maximum light exclusion a bottom channel can be installed to seal the fabric weight bar to the base of the recess.


Cassette blinds come with a variety of control options, standard manual operation on the smaller system is by tension spring or side chain, the larger systems operate by either crank handle or motorised control. A range of specialised systems are also available with secure zip guides to lock fabric into side channels, ideal for use on large skylights or when fitting externally.

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