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Blind Cord Safety

Window blind cords and chains can pose a risk for babies, children and vulnerable people who could injure or even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords.


You can take a number of practical, simple precautions to significantly reduce the risk. Make looped cord and chain controls safer by following the information below:

Make sure all cords and chains are secured correctly out of reach within the safety device supplied.

Do not place your child’s cot, bed, highchair or playpen near to a window blind.

Do not put sofas, chairs, tables or shelves near to a window blind, as children love to climb.

When choosing new blinds for homes or places where children or vulnerable people live or visit, always look for a blind that is safe by design which does not contain cords or has concealed cords, see examples shown below.

Draw Rod

Crank Handle

Cordless Spring

Cord free blind

Concealed Cords


Legal Requirements For Blind Cord Safety

New laws on window blind safety come into effect in 2014. These new regulations will make it illegal to sell or professionally install a window blind that does not meet the standards. The key elements of the new standards specify requirements for:


    •  Warnings and instructions
    •  Maximum cord and chain lengths
    •  Safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from forming a hazard loop
    •  The testing of all safety critical items of internal blinds
    •  The testing of blinds using safety devices
    •  Packaging and point-of-sale
    •  The installation of safety devices on the product at the point of manufacture


We fully support the new regulations and as well as ensuring all new window blinds we supply are compliant and are fitted correctly, we are also ready to help any customer who has existing window blinds with cords or chains in offering solutions to make these safer.

How the regulations will effect your orders with us:

Any blind with a fixed cord or chain control will be supplied with a safety device which MUST be fitted without exception. Fitting instructions are included to ensure these devices are installed correctly.


Warning tags will be attached to the cords/chains highlighting the dangers, these are to be left in place for the end user to remove.


A label showing our company details or your own company details will be present on every blind to identify the supplier in the event of a problem, we will attached this as discretely as possible and it must not be removed.


The most significant changes relate to cord and chain control lengths, these are now mandated by the regulations.


Control lengths will now be calculated as follows:


Fixed cord or continuous chain blinds -No fixing height given in writing

Blind drops up to 1000 mm, chain/cord length = drop less 100 mm

Blind drops over 1000 mm and up to 2500 mm, chain/cord length = 1000 mm

Blind drops over 2500 mm, chain/cord length = drop less 1500 mm

When fixing height of blind is provided in writing,

Chain/cord length = fixing height less 1500 mm


Chain blinds with breakaway devices -No fixing height given in writing

Chain length = two thirds blind drop


When fixing height of blind is provided in writing.

Chain length = fixing height less 600 mm

Single centre pull cords on spring blinds:

Cord will be supplied at 200 mm length as standard

For requested lengths greater than 200 mm a cord shroud will be fitted over cord


Both metal and wooden Venetian blinds present additional danger with the need for two sets of cords for both pull and tilt control, as standard these will now be supplied with the pull cords condensed into a single cord and cleats to secure cords out of reach. Tilt cords as standard are being replaced with a wand tilt wherever possible (corded tilts will still be available on request).


All pages in our current price list indicate the safest control option for each blind type, we always recommend a cord/chain free control system over the use of safety devices which are not a foolproof solution, especially in installations where children will be known to have access, such as a child’s bedroom or nursery.

Safety devices supplied by us:

Chain Breakaway

Supplied on chain blinds when requested, can be used with or without P-Clip.

P-clip Retainer

Used with fixed loop cord and chain blinds and must be fitted if supplied.

Chain Click Break

New system chain break, two loops of chain pull apart, must not be used with P-Clip.

Cord Breakaway

Cord condensor, used on Venetians to safely join mutliple cords to a single pull cord.

Pull Out Gear
Alternative safety gearbox for our manual Roman blind track, must not be used with P-Clip.

Cleat Retainer

Must be used with all pull cord blinds to store cords safely out of reach.

If you are in any doubt as to the safety of your blinds please contact us, our sales staff will give you the best possible advice on the most appropriate blind and safety systems, they can also provide information on ways to make your existing blinds safer. 

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