Curtain Tracks
Product info.

In terms of window treatments, curtains offer a great marriage of style and function. They insulate, block light, absorb sound to create a quieter room and are ideal for large glass openings, cinema applications or as a room divider. 


Curtains are among the main details that add a dramatic focal point when you enter a room, there are many different styles of curtains which can be used in window treatment. Of the many styles and types of curtains, sash are the most common modern curtains, these are unlined and designed only to filter light. Sheer, otherwise known as privacy curtains, block the view from the outside in without obstructing the view from inside out, however  they are very thin and do not block light. Thermal or blackout curtains, through extra lining and insulation, block significant light while protecting from heat and cold, these are ideal for privacy and reducing energy costs.


Tracks can be shaped to form s-bends, arches and continuous curves to follow any contour you require.