Pleated/Plisse Blinds
Product info.

Put simply pleated blinds are pleated fabric shades that fold closed when retracted to sit flat at the top of a window to almost hide from sight, then unfold to cover the window to reduce sunlight, and therefore heat, when desired. 


Pleated blinds are possibly the most decorative of all the window blinds available in the market and add a clean modern feel to rooms. These blinds are functional and highly adaptable, being almost perfect for awkward windows, in fact just about any window is suitable for a pleated blind.
Duette Pleated blinds are a relatively new type of pleated blind to the market, also known as cellular or honeycomb blinds. Similar to pleated blinds, except that there are two or more layers joined at the pleats to form cellular compartments that trap air to provide greater insulation from heat loss and gain and improve light exclusion.