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Sonesse 30 RS485

  • The Sonesse™ 30 RS-485 is an ultra-quiet tubular motor designed for motorising various products, including: roller blinds, roman blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds and projection screens.



    Bi-directional serial communication with 3rd party control systems

    Communication via industry standard RS-485 network

    Provides basic open, close and stop commands and allows for setting each motorised shade to 16 intermediate positions with RS 485

    Feedback provides confirmation of each motor’s position to
    ensure precise control from 3rd party systems

    Near silent operation at 44 dB

    24 V DC motor that can be In-Wall Wired or plug-in



    Voltage: 24VDC
    Nominal load starting current: 1.6 for max. 300ms
    Nominal load current: 0.8A
    Current during programming: 3.2A max for 300ms
    Torque: 2Nm
    Nominal speed: 28 rpm
    Limit switch unit capacity: 60 turns in each dir. at max. speed
    Thermal protection: 2.5 minutes (software managed)
    Inside tube diameter: 31mm min
    Sound level: 44 dB
    Control: RS-485

    Download product specifications

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