Rackarm Venetian Shades
Product info.

Rackarm blind systems were originally designed over 40 years ago for use on roof lights in museums and art galleries. The Property Services Agency, the government agency responsible for these buildings at the time had tried every possible type of sun screening and settled on non retractable louvre blinds as the most cost effective and maintenance free solution internally or externally. Their success means they can now been seen in use for example extensively on the greenhouses at Kew Gardens and the many museums in London and throughout the UK.

Our Skyshield range of non retractable blinds are one of the most appropriate choices for roof lights and sharply sloping glazing areas, in particular, conservatory roofs.


The aluminium or wooden slatting is supported from aluminium rack arms to prevent sagging that often occurs with retractable blinds such as pleated shades. They can also be installed vertically and can be made to fit almost any type of window, and can be cut around any obstructions such as fans or windows winders.