Security Shutters and Grilles
Product info.

Today more than ever before, we need physical security at home and at work to protect against vandalism, burglary or just for privacy and your own peace of mind. We offer the ideal solution with a roller shutter doors and grilles. 


In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of profiles, as well as many solutions for control. Options for control are: manual gear crank , spring or motorised. The discrete appearance mean our shutters will lend themselves equally to any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building.


All elements are coated with paints that provide very good colour fastness and extended abrasion resistance, as well as shield against destructive weather conditions ensuring that your shutters will fully maintain their appearance and function for many years to come. Excellent workmanship and regular quality checks guarantee a final product capable of satisfying all customer requirements.