Child safety

Legal requirements

New laws on window blind safety come into effect in 2014. These new regulations will make it illegal to sell
or professionally install a window blind that does not meet the standards. Please follow the link below to find out how these changes will effect your orders or for advice on how to make existing blinds safe.

Blindspace boxes and Reese curtain profile

Blindspace is the leading provider of solutions to conceal blinds and recess curtain tracks. Products are designed to conceal any type of blind, in any type of window or skylight.

Commercial partners Associate Suppliers

We often work with companies associated with our own such as interior designers, curtain makers, audiovisual and lighting installers. Should you require any of the services of any of the companies showcased here we have trade agreements in place to enable us to offer you discounted rates.

Heat loss/gain

Energy out the window?

By limiting the effects of solar gain blinds can also help meet the new minimum energy performance targets for buildings contained in Part-L of the Building Regulations.

New products

Latest developments

Newly available 

Custom paint finish, choose from any paint manufacturer on all our woodslat Venetian and vertical blinds. 

Bends, arches and continuos curves on vertical and curtain tacks systems.

Follow the link below to read more about all our lastest products and developements. 

Job Vacancies

Looking to start a career and learn new skills in manufacturing or already experienced in the blind industry and need a new challenge, see here for our current vacancies.