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Innovative solutions to conceal blinds


Blindspace delivers solutions to conceal any type of blind, in any type of window or skylight. The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling, can be accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. The unique Blindspace design provides millimeter precision and a better finished aesthetic than traditional building methods and it saves you time in both design and installation. 

Property Owners can access built-in Blindspace® boxes prepared for electric blinds and chose to install one or multiple concealed blinds in any window, gable or skylight.

Interior Designers can design windows with Blindspace covers installed flush with the ceiling, painted with emulsion paint to match the surrounding or faced with another material such as timber. 

Architects can access drawings, technical specifications and design consultations to easily design and future-proof residential and commercial buildings with recessed Blindspace® boxes. 

Glazing Companies can offer clients that are buying bi-folding doors, sliding doors, roof lanterns, skylights and other larger glazing areas the added value of not worrying about blinds.

Blind Specialists can order standard or bespoke boxes of any size, with no minimum order quantity and have boxes delivered in full lengths or pre-cut to size with installed end caps.

Property Developers can future-proof buildings enabling home owners or tenants to install and replace concealed blinds of their choice to work with their home automation system.

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Recessed Curtain Track Holder.png

Recessed curtain track holder

Reese™ is a recessed curtain track solution to recess drapery systems from companies such as Somfy, Lutron, Goelst, and Silent Gliss. When curtain tracks are installed the result is a minimalist design where curtain tracks fully blend in flush with the ceiling.

Tracks and end-sets are available with chamfered edges or skim coat flanges, to be plastered in flush with the ceiling to form a mini pocket. Tracks and end sets can be emulsion painted to perfectly match the ceiling. 

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Recessed curtain track and motor.jpg
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